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At Jack Sprat Press, we love to showcase artists and authors whenever we have an opportunity. The bio pics for the JSP staff were graciously drawn for us by sixteen-year-old Candace. Thank you, Candace!


aunt emmieEmily White is the Senior Editor and owner of Jack Sprat Press, LLC. She began her career as a published author, offered her freelance editing services to traditionally and self-published authors, and finally made the plunge to start her own company. Always looking for work that is simultaneously odd, quirky, and brilliant, she’s dreaming of submissions that look outside the box, and would drop everything for a space opera in verse. Or a graphic novel using photographs. Or cut paper art.

Recognize, as Jackson Pollock did, that the canvas does not need to be on the easel.

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joshua Joshua Carstens is a graduate of Hope College with a BA in Theatre and Kennesaw State University with an MA in Professional Writing. The majority of his time is split between non-profit accounting and freelance copyediting. He is a nerd extraordinaire, husband, father, avid video gamer, and Netflix binge-watcher. Tom Baker is his Doctor, Malcolm Reynolds is his Captain, and his preference is for a galaxy far, far away. While his interests typically fall along lines of science fiction, fantasy, and biographies, he will read anything once.

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phil Phil Buck has been a lover of comic books since he was a kid. Since then, he’s gone on to develop disciplines in writing and performing music, as well as writing his own comic books. These passions led him into a long history of blogging about interests including comic books, music, TV, film, and pretty much anything associated with pop culture.

Phil is currently the creator, writer, editor, and musician for a comic book series and virtual band called Those Shadow People. You can read the comic and hear the music online at www.ThoseShadowPeople.com or buy physical copies at www.nematoderecords.com

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lauraLaura LaTulipe: After joining an online book club, Laura decided to enter the publishing field. She has edited for numerous publishers, as well as freelance clients. As an editor, she discovered her passion for promoting and marketing writers via social media.

Laura lives in Florida with her former Gulf War pen pal, two boys, three dogs, and a rescued kitten. She loves coffee, alternative music, and all things Disney.








Formatting and Design

toniToni Kerr is a full time DIY artist, whether she wants to be or not. When she’s not writing young adult fantasy, she’s creating author swag, cover art, and putting a spectacular shine on interior formatting for other authors. She lives in the Great Northwest with her husband, two dangerously creative children, an Australian Shepherd, and several small farm animals the city would probably frown upon.

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