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September 2015 Contributors

Flash Fiction

Bring Me To Life — Victoria Caswell is a writer of the fantastical, living with her three sons amongst the cornfields of Kansas. She prefers her characters complicated and their labyrinths of discovery thorny. Find more from her at

A Tea Party — David Duke lives in Western New York, near Buffalo, where he is a life insurance salesman and financial adviser, operating his own business as such since 2008. In addition, he keeps several vocational irons in the fire for juggling just to keep life interesting. Cabinetmaking with hand tools serves him as his therapeutic pastime. His wife, Deborah, and three boys, Thomas, Jack, and Walter, are the delight of his life.

The Sky is a Poisonous Garden — C.E. Lamb escaped the life of a corporate drone and moved to  monkey-infested central Florida. Finding writing to be cheaper than therapy, is now trying to teach a Corgi to type. It is proving to be more difficult than its therapy would be worth. Find out what’s coming next at


Started From the Bottom — Silvia Carrus is an Italian illustrator and comic artist. She works mostly in digital media, producing colourful or black and white digital illustrations and comics. Her creations have appeared in various comic anthologies, websites and other publications. She enjoys making comics that are funny and/or scary.

Silently Falling — David Robertson makes comics, reads comics, and writes about comics. His comics have appeared in Adventures in Comics, Artificial Womb, BAM!, Belt Sander, A Bit of Undigested Potato, Copy This!, Crap Your Pants,  Eric, Funtime, Shiot Crock, Small Pets, Treehouse, The UK Web and Mini Comix Anthology and at the 40075km website. He’s written for The Comics Grid, The Comics Journal, Down the Tubes, Graphixia, The International Journal of Comic Art, Nude, Reference Reviews, Spaceship Away, Starscape and Stripped. Through Fred Egg Comics, he self-publishes his small press mini-comics Berserkotron and Dump. E-mail, or catch him on Facebook or at:; @fredeggcomics

The Burning Bride — Jonathan Scott is a comic artist and illustrator working out of Hampshire, UK. With a deep love of sequence and visual storytelling he chooses to specialise in the comics artform

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