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LIZARD WORLD: the graphic novel


lizard world

In late 17th-century London, penniless medical student and grave-robber Josiah Fludd accepts a commission to bring a female corpse to the notorious Earl of Griswold. He suspects that this nobleman’s bizarre tastes include necrophilia. But when he delivers a whore’s body to Griswold’s mansion, he is astonished to learn that only the dead woman’s feet are necessary – for a surgical procedure to replace his Lordship’s green and reptilian claws.

In 21st century Florida, a dentist from New Jersey — Max Smedlow D.D.S. — crashes his BMW in the Florida swamps and is captured by Lemuel Lee Frobey and his Aunt Ligeia, two of Dr. Josiah Fludd’s malicious and cretinous descendants.

So it is, thanks to a grave-robber and his psychopathic descendants, that the fates of a modern dentist from New Jersey and a 17th-century earl become inextricably entangled. For after the Florida yokels kidnap him, scoop out his brain and transplant it in the head of the still-surviving Lord, the dentist tries desperately to retain his identity and fight off an onslaught of alien memories. Now that they’ve been surgically connected, the dentist and the lord alternate like Jekyll and Hyde: whenever the dentist’s brain tries to take control of the decrepit body and return to his life filling cavities in suburban New Jersey, the ancient lord interrupts him with three-hundred-year-old memories of his depraved youth when he debauched maidens, ate beggars, schemed to steal a dukedom and underwent excruciating operations that grafted stolen body parts and cut out his growths of reptilian flesh.
As the dentist’s brain and the old Lord’s body struggle for supremacy, a cast of modern and 17th-century characters take the stage, including the editor of a New York City publishing house, a tribe of Florida Indians, the lesbian madam of a Restoration brothel and an albino alligator whose musk is the elixir of immortality.

Based on Lizard World, by Terry Richard Bazes. Art by Louis Netter.