Star Trek Beyond is a Blast from the Past

*No spoilers here!

I’m a huge Star Trek fan. I’ve been watching the classic space opera since the good ol’ days … Days when your viewing options were severely limited and you had no choice but to watch whatever was on. Hey, I didn’t mind. The shows included Doctor Who and M*A*S*H  so I was cool with it. I watched Star Trek all the way through Deep Space Nine (not my favorite) and was legit die-hard for The Next Generation. Anyway. All this to say, I love Star Trek so I was super excited to see the newest film. And then I was even more excited when I watched it!

There’s this line, I can’t remember it exactly, but Kirk complains that things are beginning to feel “episodic.” At first I thought it was a little nod to the original series, but as the movie played out I discovered it was really a hint as to what we were going to experience over the next hour.

Star Trek Beyond is not just a movie. It’s an episode. The formula followed the traditional Trek flow, from starting out with a peace-mission-gone-wrong on an alien planet (and a fun surprise a la the original episodes) to … well, to the kind of end typical of a Trek episode. (Hey, doing my best to avoid spoilers here!)

There’s a deeper message there, if you require it in your movies, about war and conquest versus peace and unity, but it’s not at the forefront. I liked that because while normally I enjoy finding and examining the theme of movies, this time, I just plain enjoyed watching an old-fashioned style Star Trek episode just done with awesome special effects.

It’s not a deep thinker, but when did Star Trek ever pretend to be? It’s space ships, cool aliens, cool technology, near-death adventure with a little bit of “camp” to keep it all fun. In short–a great Friday night with the fam!

What about you? Have you seen Star Trek Beyond? What did you think?