For submission guidelines for full-length fiction, comics, and graphic novels, please keep scrolling.


We are doing something new at Jack Sprat Press! Submissions will be accepted all year, any time, and accepted submissions will be posted regularly on the website. We will then compile all our favorites into the quarterly magazine! Payments will be made for all submissions, as usual, but now you have a chance to be paid even more if you REALLY blow us away! Keep scrolling for details.

What we’re looking for

No more than 1000 words for flash fiction. It must be a complete, stand-alone story with a unique twist. Make us go, “hmmm…”


Complete 4-page comics, art included. We like dark stories with a whimsical twist (e.g. Tim Burton or Neil Gaiman). Any style is accepted. We’re fans of manga, superhero, even stick figures. Wow us with your originality.

The genres we’re interested in:

  • Science Fiction
  • Fantasy
  • Horror
  • Magical Realism
  • Superhero
  • Literary
  • Comedy
  • Steampunk
  • Cyberpunk
  • verse

How to Submit

Flash Fiction:

  • Email with the subject line “magazine submission-flash fiction.”
  • Paste submission into the body of the email.

4-page Comic:

  • Email with the subject line “magazine submission-comic.”
  • Send completed¬†comics as high resolution attachments (single layer, at least 2400 pixels wide x 3089 high, 300 dpi). Dropbox attachments accepted.

We accept simultaneous submissions, but please let us know if your work is accepted elsewhere.

Payment and Rights*

$5 for flash fiction posted on blog. Another $10 for flash fiction included in the quarterly magazine.

$10 for short comics posted on blog. Another $20 for comics included in the quarterly magazine.

By sending us your work, you are stating that the work is yours and does not infringe on any copyright. You are also stating that we have the non-exclusive right to publish your work online and in print in the event that it is accepted and we do not hear back from you. The rights of any work published in Jack Sprat remain with the author and artist.

Here at Jack Sprat Press, we retain the right to copy edit any accepted submission. However, any large changes will be approved by the author and artist before publication.

*Payments made through PayPal only.


Who can submit

Agented proposals accepted year round. During open submissions, we accept all queries, agented or unagented, from unpublished or previously published authors and/or artists.

  • Writers of full-length speculative fiction
  • Comic/graphic novel writers
  • Comic/graphic novel artists
  • Comic/graphic novel writer/artist teams

Though we do prefer writer/artist teams with a completed first issue or graphic novel, if you have a script, proposal, or art sample you think would fit our company, we would love to see it.

What we’re looking for

  • serials
  • ongoing issues
  • stand-alone novels and graphic novels
  • first in a series

We love the off-beat, the semi-deranged, the whimsically dark, and the quirky and fun. Think Tim Burton, Neurotically Yours, or Wytches. 

Anything spec. fic. is our bag, baby. Fantasy, sci-fi, steampunk, cyberpunk, horror, you name it. If everyone is telling you your story is just plain weird, we want to see it. Good weird, though. There’s a difference between an artist who knows how to bend the rules and a novice who doesn’t know the rules exist.

What we’re not looking foR

  • An HEA ending because you think that’s what all the readers want. If it works for the story, then fine, but we’re tired of this old trope existing purely for the sake of making everyone happy.
  • No romance for the sake of romance alone. Love is a powerful tool in writing. Recognize there are other forms of love besides the sexual kind. Not saying we don’t love and accept stories with some romance, but we can tell when it’s written solely for the sake of reaching a market.
  • The stereotypical, strong hero/heroine who can conquer all his/her demons in the first few pages. We prefer the broken and the messed-up over the characters who can face the world with squared shoulders.

We are only accepting Adult at this time. Sorry, no YA, NA, Middle Grade, etc.

How to submit

Email query and first five pages or art sample to Emily White, Phil Buck, or Joshua Carstens at with the subject line “query: name of project.”